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Nutech O3, Inc.Who We Are & What We Do

Nutech O3 is a high tech company that has invented, designed and tested advanced ballast water treatment technology that kills environmentally dangerous aquatic nuisance species carried in every ship's ballast water. Nutech's equipment has been tested on board a British Petroleum oil tanker, the T/V Tonsina, since the Summer of 2000, while the tanker was in regular operation. Nutech's technology has also undergone extensive laboratory testing at the University of Washington's Merristone Research facility in Puget Sound and at the La Que Center for Corrosion Technology in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina.

Nutech's Mark III Ballast Water Treatment System injects ozone into a ship's ballast water, as it is taken on-board the ship. In sea water, the ozone will kill approximately half the invasive species on contact. The ozone also interacts with chemicals that naturally occur in sea water to create various bromine compounds that kill the remaining invasive species. The minute quantities of these compounds that remain in the water are not dangerous to indigenous fish and shell fish populations. Moreover, the presence of these trace amounts of residual chemicals are a critical scientific indicator in proving that the ballast water has been properly treated and that all unwanted invasive species have been killed. In fresh water, ozone kills unwanted invasive species directly and then reverts to oxygen without creating any residual chemicals.

Contaminated ballast water is a world-wide environmental threat to local fish and shell fish populations, wildlife and to the quality of local water supplies. Hard shell invasive species, such as zebra mussels, also cause significant damage to beaches, municipal waste water treatment systems and to a ship's engines.

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